Ikea Sydney Project


I made this one name as “The Earthquake”

This one is for  ceiling light and i made it name as “The Sailing”

When I just started working on this project, I thought I was going to develop this one, But pretty soon after, I found out this one is quite difficult to make by my “making skill”

I got inspired this one  from Rose… And to be honestly, Kenzo perfume advertisements as well…

Then I chose the concept that top of this page for final design, And went to improve

I was trying to change many thing but it just went look weird, So I decided improve it as more simple

We had plan that we were gonna make prototype too, The material would be polypropylene

So I designed it as two slightly different grey colours.

Making prototype

Had the prototype photo shoot

Bedside Table

I chose the bottom one of those 3 concepts for my final bedside table

Next step is “Improving”

The table is shorter now, Also have caster wheels too, and it separated as two storage part by wall that inside table

And… rendering


This project actually started rough sketches as below.. then improved, improved


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