Coca-Cola posters

Early depictions of 1920s-era flappers, toasting life with ice-cold Coca-Cola, were used on calendars and serving trays, 1924. Images courtesy of Coca-Cola

“Out Fishin’,” the first of six paintings by the American artist Norman Rockwell for Coca-Cola, debuted on the company calendar, 1935.

The sultry “Lady in Red” advertisement from Brazil, 1950.

Coca-Cola printed a poster of the R&B great James Brown, 1970.

A Pop Art Coca-Cola bottle advertisement from Sydney, Australia, 1998

all pictures of above from T magazine blog of N.Y

Coca-Cola links up with British artist and illustrator James Jarvis. Together they present a series of limited edition Coca-Cola cans, celebrating the 125th anniversary of the beverage brand. Overall there will be 6 different cans by James Jarvis. Unfortunately we cannot tell you yet, where and when these will be out.

James Jarvis x Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary cans picture from


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